I tried Monster Hunter World on PS4 back in Feb 2018 - March 2018 and I was left with a bad impression. Why? Well, the "tutorial" portion of the game or "low level" took its toll on my patience. Ultimately, it came down to footprints. I even talked about this in my Dauntless review which is a Monster Hunter clone for PC.

I decided to try Monster Hunter World for PC and I'm still playing it today. I guess that addresses that question of whether it redeemed itself. It all came down to one simple mistake: To get past the quest, you don't have to pick up a single footprint. If I would have just did optional quests on the PS4, I would not have been stumped by that stupid mechanic. Now that I'm way past that, I'm super addicted to Monster Hunter World, so much so, that I even purchased Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate for Switch!

Sure the PC version has presented its own set of new issues which include performance, quirkly controls, bad port decisions, and shady multiplayer, but the reasons I left the PS4 version are all but gone.

I was very wrong, and I'm so happy I was.

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