It's been a bit since I've written about my adventures in Elite: Dangerous, but since then 2018 has seen 3 "Chapters" of updates which include quality of life improvements, new ships, and most notably, lots of new Guardian things in the universe. Beyond Chapter 3 adds a new ship called the "Crusader" which is a variant of the Alliance Chieftan and Challenger. New Guardian fighters have also been added, and require Guardian materials to be farmed as you see in my Youtube videos

Large variants of kinetic weapons have been added as well. Since this "chapter" was pre-announced as a "smaller" update, I can forgive the lack of oomph this update has. It's a nice stepping stone to that wonderful Chatper 4 update coming later this year which will include improvements to Exploration, Mining, and the almight Squadrons!

More on Elite: Dangerous later.

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