Quick update on my monthly Twitch subathon:

  • We will no longer cap at 16 hours, but at 12 hours
  • The #addtime and #removetime feature has been put on hold indefinitely
  • The subathon wheel of games will no longer be used

Why the changes? The last few subathons have been affecting my health and I don't want to risk that anymore. The addtime/removetime feature was fun for a couple of months, but I think it has died off tremendously and only a few people were doing it. The subathon wheel of games started off fun, but then took a turn for the worse. I may bring it back, but severely limit the amount of games on it.

After the last subathon, I was tempted to cancel future events, but I felt if I scaled it back, it should alleviate my concerns. I know a lot of you enjoy the subathons immensely (some stay up 10+ hours with me), but I have to consider my health and the growth of the stream. See you all on Twitch!

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