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Discussion in 'Video and Streaming' started by SirSoapyy, Aug 1, 2012.

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    I do not have the paid version of x-split so I have to make Arma in window mode, but the window is VERY small, and basically unplayable, is there a way to make the window any bigger? Or a way to allow x-split to stream in fullscreen?

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    kados14 One more block....

    you can go full screen, get the game going, alt-tab out and in xsplit choose screen your whole screen, it should work.
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    bGeorge Friendly neighborhood bandit

    The free version of XSplit cannot capture fullscreen games. You should be able to add drag the borders of the window to make it larger. If that doesn't work, you can manually specify the window size in your arma2oa.cfg.

    Operation Arrowhead: The arma2oa.cfg file is located in %userprofile%\Documents\ArmA 2 Expansion\arma2oa.cfg

    winW=1440; interface resolution width in window
    winH=900; interface resolution height in window
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    kados14 One more block....

    huh, well, I'll be, I didn't know you couldn't do the with the free version. I bought the license months and months ago, so yeah.
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    Okay I got it working! thanks everyone!
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