So I decided to play Terraria again...

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    First and foremost, I apologise for my absense for those who missed lil me, I do hope to be more active in the near future, secondly, after watching a few Terraria releated videos when I was randomly killing my braincells with foolish Gmod videos, I felt the urge to return to the party I was once late to and try and build a proper, well detailed house...The result...Well...

    From the recently removed Terraria page of this site, some of you may of saw my first attempt at a treehouse, it was generally well recieved but just lacked realism somewhat, at least to me, so I decided to try and create what I would consider to be a proper estate of sorts, complete with dining room and bedroom as well as several workshops, if you're expecting something amazing, then you'll be dissapointed, I tend to stick to basic building formula's and generally just have fun doing as such.

    Overall, I was impressed with the result:[​IMG]

    Most rooms lack proper accomidations, but Terraria wise I wouldn't care as much, My favorite room itself is the dining room complete with cooking pot and Resident Evil 1 Grandfather clock (I'll work on the painting of the two guys with swords...and a Jibble sandwhich).

    I had trouble with the roof as I wasn't really sure how to make a 2D roof..."work" so to speak, I got alot of inspiration from a simple google search and worked from there.
    It's a shame to see the Terraria section removed, but with no proper server I guess it was bound to happen, so I guess this..."Art" would go here, let me know what you think :) Thanks!

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