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  1. Black99star Recruit

    Anything about Digimon from your favoret episode or character to your favoret season or game.
    As long as it's about Digimon it's okay to say it here. :)
    Keep it clean but chat about anything Digimon.
    I'm some what hard core when it comes to seasons 1, 2, and the latest 6th.
    You can chat about your favoret bad guy or your worst tamer.
    Anything about Digimon is allowed here.
    Have fun. Let the chatting begin!!!
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    Seroms Level 5 Laser Lotus

    my favorite digimon is a toss up between
    and Omnimon
    by the way, my favorite digimon anything is Digimon: The Movie
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    Pokemon 4 lief
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    Seroms Level 5 Laser Lotus

    is still like pokemon more than digimon, but i watched both :p
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    Too many mon's for me!
  3. Black99star Recruit

    I really like how Taichi risked everything for Sora just to get her crest. If it wasn't for his cockiness Taichi would never had found out how to make his crest shine properly. I remember all the names for the tamers and digimon of season 1, 2, and 6.... Which I hope season 6 comes out with it's new episode very soon. :happykirby:
    Now I can't wait for season 7. lol I wonder if they'll follow the manga flow or make up their new one. I can't wait to see what's to come.